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Perennials > Helleborus > Helleborus x ballardiae > Helleborus x ballardiae 'Pink Frost'

Helleborus x ballardiae

'Pink Frost'

Gold Collection® Hellebore, Lenten Rose

Origin:  Josef Hueger created 'Pink Frost' in Germany in 2009 from H. niger and H. lividus. The plant is sterile so they are produced via tissue culture.
x ballardiae
'Pink Frost'
Shrub (evergreen)
Registered Name
Gold Collection®
Tradmarked Name
HGC Pink Frost™
USDA Hardiness Zone
5a - 8b
Canadian Hardiness Zone
RHS Hardiness Zone
Temperature (°C)
-29 - (-7)
Temperature (°F)
-20 - (20)
30 - 60 cm
45 - 60 cm
Description and Growing Information
Flowering Period
Grown for containers and garden use. 'Pink Frost' is best to observe when raised in plantings and sections to more visually appreciate its flower's nodding appearance. This plant is often used in borders and beds of a woodland garden or any garden for its colour. This plant being Deer tolerant, can be planted in areas rich in woodland wildlife.
'Pink Frost' can grow in mildly acidic soil with a pH of 6.1 to 6.5, or in neutral soils of 6.6 to 7.5 pH. This plant enjoys partial shade while growing in moist, loamy soil organically enriched with lime and leaf mould. The plant benefits from balanced fertilization in early spring. Avoid doing any pruning, unless it is to remove dead leaves or stems near the base of the plant.
Upright form with flowers that slightly point downwards. The stems are thick and lead to 3 arranged leaves, the bud emerges from the middle of the stem eventually blooming a flower with 5 petals.
ID Characteristic
This plant has Red smooth stems with 3 alternate serrated leaves, in the center that will be the bud in autumn which will produce a Pink and white flower in winter that will mature to a burgundy. Most plants stand just over 30 cm tall but could stand upwards of 60 cm
This plant is resistant to Deer, Drought, insects, disease, mildew and heat.
German Plantsman Josef Hueger hybridized Helleborus x ballardiae 'Pink Frost' from the original H. x ballardiae which is a cross breed of H. niger and H. lividus, (formerly known as H. nigriliv).
Flower/Leaf Bud Description
'Pink Frost' has large burgundy axillary buds.
Leaf Description
This plant has deep green leaves year-round with serrated edges, noticeable veins and red stems.
Flower Description
'Pink Frost' blooms in spring. The centre of its leaves blooms into a two tone, large, outfacing single soft pink and white flower that appears in Spring. Sometimes soft, creamy or bold, showing 5 petals that will often mature into burgundy. The flowers have blonde stamens that also mature to a rosy red.
Fruit Description
'Pink Frost' is sterile.
Colour Description
Foliage is a deep green, sometimes having a hint of blue with burgundy edges to the leaves. The buds are burgundy until they unveil two-tone pink and white flowers that mature into a burgundy colour as well.
Texture Description
A smooth stem leads to serrated foliage. Flower petals are soft and dusty. The texture is not known to change through the seasons.
Notable Specimens
Josef Heuger's Nursery in Germany is the birth place of this hybrid.
This Plant can be propagated by dividing the root ball. The creator Josef Hueger prefers tissue culture to continue the identical purity of his specimen. 'Pink Frost' has sterile flowers and does not seed.