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Acer x freemanii


Autumn Blaze Maple

Origin:  Acer x freemanii is a hybrid of Acer saccharinum and Acer rubrum. ‘Jeffersred’ is a result of this hybridization. It was introduced by Glenn Jeffers in the late 1960’s.
            Mike's Opinion

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Michael’s Opinion- A cross between Acer rubrum and Acer saccharinum. It is a tree that is very worthy of planting in urban areas or lining the streets. It has fantastic orange and red autumn colours that will never disappoint. It is a fast growing tree that is very adaptable to dry or wet conditions.

Michael Pascoe, NDP., ODH., CLT., MSc. (Plant Conservation)


x freemanii
Tree (deciduous)
USDA Hardiness Zone
Canadian Hardiness Zone
RHS Hardiness Zone
Temperature (°C)
-40 to -34
Temperature (°F)
-40 to -30
15-20 m
10-12 m
Description and Growing Information
Flowering Period
General Description
A commonly known tree for the great orange and red autumn colours it produces. It is a fast growing tree that only needs to be pruned if necessary. It was tree of the year in 2004 presented by the Society of Municipal Arborists.
This is a fantastic tree for urban areas or even in the city. It can be used for a partial windbreak, shade or even a parkway/street. Lining these trees down streets are fantastic in the autumn as you get the beautiful orange and red leaves. It is quite adaptable to water logging or even dry periods.
Tolerant to most soils but prefers a slightly acidic soil, and also prefers a moist soil. Loves full sun but can also thrive in partial sun.
Often broad oval crown in shape that may need some pruning on a regular basis.
ID Characteristic
The formation and shape of the leaf is palmate. The silver underside of the leaf comes from the parent plant Acer saccharinum and the beautiful orange and red autumn colour comes from the Acer rubrum. The bark is grey and smooth but becomes channelled with age.
Not all but most will attract verticillium wilt and sometimes maple tar spot.
Horticultural origin.
Bark/Stem Description
The bark is smooth to medium texture when young but once it matures it becomes channelled with a dark greyish brown colour.
Flower/Leaf Bud Description
In spring the buds are bright red and emerge into a cluster of red flowers.
Leaf Description
In early spring the leaves are green with a silver underside. In autumn the leave change to a beautiful bright orange and red colour. The leaf is palmate and grows in alternate arrangements with a smooth feel throughout the season. The stem and veins of the leaf are red throughout the season.
Flower Description
Red flowered clusters appear in early spring. The flower attracts insect pollinators. The flowers are small and often looked over.
Fruit Description
It is virtually seedless, but may produce green winged samara.
Colour Description
In early spring the leaves are a bright green with red veins and a silver backing which comes from the silver maple. As it approaches autumn time the leaves start to become a bright orange and red colour and that where it gets the name Autumn Blaze.
Texture Description
Medium texture tree throughout the season.
Notable Specimens
Veterans Memorial Parkway, London, Ontario, London
This tree has a high risk when propagated due to grafting incompatibility so it should only be propagated from root cuttings or from tissue culture. The tree runs a high risk of grafting incompatibility and the tree will break at the grafting point when it matures.