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Woody > Acer > Acer campestre > Acer campestre 'Evenley Red'

Acer campestre

'Evenley Red'

Evenly Red Hedge Maple

'Evenley Red'
Tree (deciduous)
USDA Hardiness Zone
5 - 8
Canadian Hardiness Zone
4a - 8a
RHS Hardiness Zone
H4 - H7
Temperature (°C)
-29 - (-16)
Temperature (°F)
-15 - 20
7.5 -10m
7.5 - 10m
Description and Growing Information
Flowering Period
General Description
Evenley Red is a small to medium-sized tree. It is known for its autumn colour that turns a vibrant, rich red, which makes it an excellent ornamental tree. This species is placed on the IUCN Red list as least concern.
Thrives in a sunny position, but can tolerate partial shade. It grows best in clay or chalky soils. Evenley Red can tolerate a pH level up to 8 and as low as 5.5 but will grow best at 6.
It will often grow to have a rounded crown. It could be low-branched if not pruned.
ID Characteristic
This medium-sized tree is known for its leaves that turn red in autumn. The leaves are opposite and have 3 rounded lobes. The bark is a grey colour and the whole tree has a rounded crown.
Maple tar spot may be of minor concern as well as powdery mildew in areas of poor air circulation. Aphids and the associated sooty mold may also be of minor concern.
Leaf Description
The leaves are opposite and have 3 to 5 rounded-shaped lobes and grow between 5 - 10 cm long. When the leaf is detached a milky sap will exude. The leaves start out as deep, dark green, then turn to a deep, vibrant red towards autumn
Flower Description
This tree holds very few flowers, that are a yellowish-greenish in colour, but hard to recognize with the new emerging leaves. The flowers can reach 5 cm long, and they contain 4 - 10 florets
Fruit Description
The fruit produced is a samara, that consists of two winged-like nutlets. Each wing is horizontally situated on the other, forming a 180° angle wing to wing.
Colour Description
The tree will start out as dark green in the summer. Then it will turn to vibrant red in mid-autumn. This red colour can last for several weeks, depending on the weather. The stems will appear a light brown on the first year, then it will start turning a light grey as the tree progresses throughout the year. The fruit are usually green however in this cultivar, some are red.
Texture Description
The texture will stay medium throughout all seasons.
Notable Specimens
Evenley Red has been planted in Evenley Woods, where it was introduced in 1999. Evenley Woods is located in the United Kingdom and is constantly evolving with new species