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Perennials, Tropicals > Trichocereus > Trichocereus spachianus > Trichocereus spachianus

Trichocereus spachianus

Golden Torch Cereus, Torch Cactus, White Torch Cactus

Origin:  Western Argentina and Bolivia.
Perennials, Tropicals
Echinopsis spachiana, Cereus spachianus, Echinocereus spachianus, Trichocereus spachianus
USDA Hardiness Zone
8b - 10b
Canadian Hardiness Zone
Requires cool season protection under glass.
RHS Hardiness Zone
H2 - H4
Temperature (°C)
-9.4 - 10
Temperature (°F)
15 - 50
Description and Growing Information
Flowering Period
General Description
Multi-stemmed columnar cactus that is at first simple and later profusely branching at the base with branches ascending parallel with the main stem.
A decorative, frost hardy cactus easily found in cultivation and grows virtually anywhere. It is a species that offers no cultivation difficulties. It can be overwintered outdoors if sheltered from rain and severe frosts. Repot in spring, and should be repotted every other year. Let the soil dry out between waterings. Keep in well drained, more acidic soils.
Bark/Stem Description
Stem is upright up to about 2 m tall, but usually smaller, 5 to 6 cm in diameter, columnar. 10 to 15 ribs that are obtuse and rounded. Areoles are about 1 cm apart, large, covered with curly wool. 8 to 10 radial spines, 6 mm to 1 cm long, spreading, stiff, sharp. 1 to 3 central spines that are 12 mm long, stronger and longer than the radials.
Flower Description
Nocturnal, about 20 cm long and 15 cm in diameter lasting about 24 hours from one sunset to the following one.
Colour Description
Areoles are covered with yellow wool, which turns to white or grey as it ages. Spines are amber-yellow to brown, central spines are yellow, and all spines later become grey. Flowers are white.
Notable Specimens
Centennial Conservatory, Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada.
By seeds and by cuttings in summer.