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Sansevieria gracilis

Snake Plant

Origin:  Tropical east Africa (Kenya, and Tanzania).
Perennials, Tropicals
USDA Hardiness Zone
10a - 11
Canadian Hardiness Zone
Requires cold season protection under glass.
RHS Hardiness Zone
H3 - H1c
Temperature (°C)
-1.1 - above 4.5
Description and Growing Information
Flowering Period
Groundcover, container plants, and accent plant in a dry area.
Grow in porous, well drained soil in a semi-shade or a full sun.
Found in dry bushland and thickets.
Bark/Stem Description
Absent or short up to 2.5-8 cm tall, erect, branching above ground (usually 1 – 2 branches per plant), eventually spreading by means of rhizomes.
Leaf Description
6-12 to a rosette, 22-80 cm long, to 0.6 – 1 cm thick, closely packed, spiralled, ascending or spreading, or curved or slightly sinuous, firmly flexible, not rigid, smooth, inner or fully developed leaves with a groove (concave) on the upper face for up for 5-12 cm at the base, very rounded on the back, the rest cylindric, terete, gradually tapering, deep green with narrow, darker bands on the younger leaves or interrupted by longitudinal lines. The outer leaves of each tuft much shorter than the inner, concave down the face, very rounded on the back. Tip 2-6 mm long very acute, white or brownish. Margins of the basal sheaths with membranous white edges.
Flower Description
White, fragrant, the tube 2-3.7 cm long, the lobes 1-1.2 cm, linear, obtuse. The deciduous part usually formed by the tapering base of the flower-tube being scarcely pedicel-like.
Fruit Description
A globose berry.
Notable Specimens
Queen Sirikit Botanic Garden, Mae Rim District, Chiang Mai Province, Thailand.
By division of rhizomes.