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Perennials, Tropicals > Kalanchoe > Kalanchoe orgyalis > Kalanchoe orgyalis

Kalanchoe orgyalis

Copper Spoons, Cinnamon Bear, Leather Plant, Shoe Leather Kalanchoe

Origin:  Native to southern and south-western Madagascar.
Perennials, Tropicals
Kalanchoe antanosiana, Kalanchoe cantonasyana
USDA Hardiness Zone
9b - 11b
Canadian Hardiness Zone
Requires cold season protection under glass.
RHS Hardiness Zone
H3 - H1c
Temperature (°C)
?3.9 - 10
Temperature (°F)
25 - 50
Description and Growing Information
Flowering Period
General Description
A slow-growing, much-branched plant, up to 1.8 m tall.
Rock gardens, borders, potted indoor and patio plant, containers or as a specimen.
Grow in a sheltered location in partial sun to light shade areas and well-drained soil containing loam and sand. In more temperate climates, grow under glass with good ventilation. Add perlite and sand to the loam-based potting mix. Strong southern light can burn the tips of the leaves.
Mealybugs and vine weevil.
It grows among shrubs on rocky outcrops and dry soils.
Bark/Stem Description
Erect, branched and vigorous. Young shoots are long haired.
Leaf Description
Stalked, oblong spatulate-ovate, elliptic or lanceolate, that fold upward from the middle, pointed at apex and narrowed at the base, 5-15 cm long and 3.5-10 cm wide, green, bronze or rusty brown, with a grey-green or silver colour on the underside. The upper side of the leaves is covered with a characteristic, felt-like, pubescence formed by minute star-shaped, cinnamon coloured, hairs that eventually age to the same colour as the lower surface. Petiole 5-15 mm long. Margin entire.
Flower Description
Bright yellow, erect or spreading in terminal clusters at the branch tips. Pedicel 5-15 mm long. Corolla urn-shaped, four-edged, very fleshy, yellow, glabrous or long haired. Segments, spreading ovate-triangular, with a thin pointed tip, 2.5-5 mm long and 3-6 mm wide. Tube almost circular to egg-shaped, fleshy, tapered and slightly constricted above, 3-5 mm long and 1-3 mm wide. Stamens attached above the middle of the tube and not protruding above the corolla. Anthers ovate and 1.5-2 mm long. Nectar-glands trapezoidal to semicircular about 1.5 mm long. Carpel 6-10 mm long, stylus 2-2.5 mm long.
Notable Specimens
Queen Sirikit Botanic Garden, Mae Rim District, Chiang Mai Province, Thailand.
By seed or offsets in spring as well as leaf and stem cuttings.