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New England Wild Flower Society Garden in the Woods

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North America Framingham, MA United States
Description and Information

New England Wild Flower Society conserves native plants in the wild, encourages gardeners and landscape professionals to choose natives when they plant outdoors. Particularly plants grown from local seeds, harvested sustainably in the wild. Our mission is to conserve and promote the region’s native plants to ensure healthy and biologically diverse landscapes. With more than a century of successful habitat restoration, scientific research and public education dedicated to native plants, we are the established leader in the region and expert resource for professionals in other parts of the country and the world. It is based at Garden in the Woods, a renowned native plant botanic garden in Framingham, MA, that attracts visitors from all over the world. 25 staff members and more than 700 volunteers work throughout New England to monitor and protect rare and endangered plants, collect and bank seeds for biological diversity, control invasive species, conduct research and educate the public.
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