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Garden > Europe > England > Carn Brea (May 5, 2018)

Carn Brea (May 5, 2018)

Europe Redruth, Cornwall England
Description and Information

Carn Brea (“Rocky Hill” in Cornish) was a major early Neolithic settlement inhabited approximately 6000 years ago. Many archaeological excavations have been completed revealing a myriad of bronze axes, golden coins, and other artifacts. In the late 1300’s a chapel was constructed to St. Michael, however by the 1700s the building had expanded and incorporated the ancient architecture, yielding Carn Brea Castle as it appears today. The land has become a conservation area, containing rolling hills with stunning foliage. Many remnants of history can still be found beyond the castle walls and main path, the most notable being the Basset Monument.
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